A lot of people go about their lives without ever realizing how essential certain tiny and regular things are which we use each day without even knowing it. Certainly some of the little parts from the world of electronics fit into this category and are important not only in our everyday activities, but even more for the trouble-free flow of electrical functions. These kinds of tiny helpers are also known as power resistor, hybrid mounting resistors or even such impressive names as BMS Batterymanagement System.
But let us stay with the subject of the common current resistor and understand what it is important for within an average electrical procedure. It usually consists of two elements which create a voltage in between one another according to the vastly known Ohm´s law. As outlined by that law an electrical power moving among two points is proportional to the voltage along these two points. One could still say that in a certain way these small parts function very much like the equally popular electrical SMD Resistor or the rather less constantly used High Precision Resistor. Another helpful object in electronics is a power meter shunt that helps the electrical current to pass through a given point in the circuit. The circuit in an electrical network constitutes a connected setup of resistors, shunts and similar devices, such as a low ohm resistor or a low ohmic shunt. In the event that you combine all these items you get an understanding what precision current sensing actually is about and how it benefits our everyday life. But there are of course a lot more essential requirements for resistors and for current sensing, like a low voltage or low inductance, just to name a few. For more details about these smart tools, take a peek here.